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METRIA Ver MOD APK, Players are immersed in a vibrant fantasy world in METRIA, where action and adventure coexist harmoniously. created by Asobimo, Inc., a company that fans of online role-playing games are now familiar with. As a result, this game promises to deliver a lively fighting experience with exquisite 3D graphics and well-thought-out character designs.

The screenwriter for Iruna Online created the game’s main plot, which expertly blends an open-world setting with lovely anime cutscenes to provide players with an immersive experience. Given METRIA Ver MOD APK, eye-catching visuals, and distinctive storytelling features, it’s easy to see why the gaming community has taken an immediate interest in the game since its release.

The way the game is played differs slightly from other games

METRIA is essentially an open-world role-playing game in the vein of anime. Even though METRIA brings to mind Zelda and Genshin Impact for many, the gameplay of this game still seems distinctive. The game has been likened by critics to Genshin Impact, albeit with a new twist thanks to the inclusion of online multiplayer gameplay.

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In addition, the game presents a plethora of other distinct features and mechanisms that give players a sense that is both familiar and novel. The salient feature is that, unlike Genshin Impact, character control is accurate, nimble, and not overly dramatic. Because of the aforementioned features, this game will be perfect for fans of anime who are looking to try out some new gameplay techniques.


Venture out into a vast fantasy realm

Once you step foot in the fantastical realm of METRIA, the thrilling adventure will instantly enthrall you. The screen will first open to a sizable area where you can control a 3D character and many helpful skills that are positioned in the corner of the screen. Fundamental abilities such as leaping, falling, and cutting enable you to investigate and engage with your environment.

Teleportation gates, also known as portals, will appear as you travel through the game’s fantasy world to enhance your experience. Every portal creates a new area, which makes it easier for you to move between locations rapidly and efficiently.

You can explore a variety of missions in addition to thrilling battles. Every mission has specific requirements and frequently includes a few simple math problems to test your observational and intellectual skills.

Select and hone the strengths of your characters.

Character creation and selection in this game significantly improve the player’s experience. Each of the eight available characters has a distinct set of abilities and fighting styles. Three characters can be selected to lead you through fights, and you can freely switch between them at any time.

The original male warrior figure serves as a perfect illustration. Together with armor, he has three combat skills—two standard and one special—that, when fully charged, let you launch a potent attack. You will be introduced to a new set of skills that are shown on the screen to help you quickly recognize and utilize each character as you recruit more of them.

Above all, METRIA consistently strives to provide the greatest experience possible for athletes. The camera perspective is automatically adjusted so that players can always see everything that happens on the battlefield.

Japanese-inspired visuals and pleasing audio

METRIA’s graphics are incredibly lifelike, mimicking the style of Japanese animation in three dimensions. Everything is depicted realistically and with clarity, from the little village to the enigmatic woods. It then makes it simple for users to fully immerse themselves in this virtual environment. The unique and varied looks of the monsters and characters add to the game’s appeal.

But the game’s sound design is just as important as its visuals. Players get the impression that they are watching an actual animated film because every character in the game has a voice. Furthermore, the background music is what distinguishes the two. Every experience benefits from the gentle, endearing melodies that help create a cozy, tranquil environment.


Reviews of maps, METRIA Ver MOD APK

Indeed, the METRIA map is enormous; it is shown as a green screen with zigzag and dot paths. The map is compact and easy to read because it has very few complex symbols, but it is a little hard to see, in my opinion.

Perhaps the developer will need to make it a little more user-friendly in the next updates. Because the character’s dot is the same color as the large monsters on the map, it is currently very difficult to determine the character’s position and direction.

How to set up METRIA MOD APK

  •  Click the “Download” link to start downloading the METRIA MOD APK file.
  • After downloading and installing the file, give it a moment to finish.
  •  Launch the game on your Android device to embark on an infinite journey.



Enjoyers of open anime worlds and classic roleplaying games will adore METRIA for its vibrant, upbeat atmosphere, lively battle animations, captivating music, and bright, Zelda-like graphics. The game will always be interesting and fresh thanks to the addition of new playable characters.


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