MX Player Pro MOD APK 2024 (Gold, Premium Unlocked No Ads)

About MX Player Pro MOD APK

Top-tier mobile video player applications are invariably associated with the MX Player Pro MOD APK. Carefully crafted by its experienced developer, it is a model in Android entertainment apps. This gem offers more than just the essential features, in contrast to competitors that one might encounter on Google Play. It bridges the gaps between usability, versatility, and performance in a mobile video player, going beyond its visually appealing design. Unlocking the full potential of this app means that anyone using an Android device can enjoy a more immersive multimedia experience. MX Player Pro MOD APK

MX Player Pro MOD APK

How MX Player Pro MOD APK is used

  • Go to the Google Play Store first. To start the download, type in MX Player and click the link.
  • Open the app from the app drawer on your device after downloading it.
  • When MX Player launches, it will show you all of the videos that are on your device in an easy-to-use interface.
  • All you have to do is tap on the desired video, and the app will take care of the rest, making sure the playback runs smoothly.
  • To enhance your MX Player viewing experience, click the menu on the top right to access advanced settings or to stream online videos.

Mx player Pro MOD APK

The MX Player Mod Apk is a different version of the original application that you can download from this page and use to enjoy the originals for free using the link provided below. We have included the pro app’s extra features, such as network streaming, which allows users to access the internet from any website, new decoders, and an integrated video player that supports more than 11 different video formats. The application now has some additional premium features and capabilities.

To maintain the uninterrupted flow, we have also integrated an ads-blocking policy and blocked and removed the ads from the application. Large advertisements that model revenue rather than requiring a subscription are present. This mod’s version doesn’t require rooting but provides¬†antiviral and antiban qualities, and installing it. It’s even safe to enjoy, with all bugs fixed and no lag.

You can also use Video Downloader Mod APK for your best experience

Mx player Pro MOD APK Features

Some features are given below.

MX Player Pro MOD APK

films belonging to several categories

You can watch a wide variety of films from different cultures and theaters with the Mx Player Mod APK. Bollywood, Tollywood, and many other well-known genres were all dubbed by you. Take pleasure in watching the vintage movie in a variety of Outlook formats within the video player. It provides numerous perspective adjustments and enhancements.

TV series and shows

Mx player mod APK provides users with dubbed audio versions of TV shows from various countries and motion pictures so they can watch them however they feel. Take in a variety of Indian film genres, particularly those from television series and archived episodes. Users can enjoy dubbed presentations from the well-known world of romance, love stories, action, and other things.

Original MX players

Users can also access the original content in its creation format for free via the MX Player original mod apk. You can view the produced web series and shows on some well-known television programs, including Raktanchal, Ashram, Bhaukall, and others. You must watch the original creations at least once because they are so beloved and can only be found in the MX player.

Download the material, MX Player Pro MOD APK

If you want to watch the content offline and don’t have connectivity, you can download it at any time. If you would like to watch them later, you can download them; if not, you can watch them online and through live streaming. The MX player’s download format provides users with improved accessibility to reduced date and space usage.

built-in video player for exploration

Users of the MX Player Mod APK can watch the app’s original content in the built-in video player or import content from other sources to watch it in the video player. It is very important to the format since it gives the users the ability to change the way the audio and video look and feel.

Decoders as well as the soundtrack

The user can choose from a variety of video formats with the MX Player Mod Apk. Several improved decodes can be used based on preference. While doing other tasks, you can also watch any content in the background. To design the customizing format, numerous gesture adjustments are available.

No Ads

This application is available in a premium version, which requires payment upfront but opens up a ton of additional features. One feature is the “no promotions” highlight, which prevents operators from seeing any adverts while they watch movies and recordings.


Playback Proceed


Uncertainty exists regarding where MX Player will resume from when you close the application or pause a video and then return to it later. It may start from the beginning or end where it was before. It will ask you, using the two options available, which you prefer.

Playback of Audio on Foundation

If you enable this setting, MX Player will keep playing your video even if you restrict the application or switch to something else, allowing you to listen while you answer an instant message or browse the internet.


Under title

Additionally, this application has subtitle support available so that you can watch movies and obtain their captions in almost every language spoken on the planet. The exchanges might be decoded in the language you require.

Lock Mode for Kids

When minimizing the application becomes difficult, you can lock the movie screen with this feature. This is especially useful when you need to play a video for your kids. But prevent them from making calls, opening other apps, and doing other things.

Several Core Decoding

The main Android video player that improves multi-center decoding is MX Player. According to test results, the display of a double-center gadget is up to 70% better than that of a single-center gadget.


  • supports several codecs, such as MP4, FLV, MKV, and AVI.
  • extensive editing and formats for subtitles to improve viewing.
  • Hardware acceleration can lead to better battery life and video quality.
  • Use the audio boost feature to boost the sound of low-volume videos.
  • Playback, brightness, and volume can all be adjusted with gestures.
  • Kids Lock blocks unauthorized app access and ensures safe viewing.
  • streams live TV and internet content through the app.
  • Multi-core decoding to improve the performance of video playback.
  • Play audio in the background when the screen is off.
  • allows network streaming from local networks or the internet.
  • simple video editing tools, such as rotate and crop.
  • To multitask with other apps, use the Picture-in-Picture mode.
  • For comfortable low-light viewing, choose the dark theme.
  • Simple file sharing that doesn’t require mobile data.
  • The playback speed can be changed for customized viewing experiences.


APK: Download MX Player Mod to enjoy the many categories and genres of content in the application, which includes plays in the built-in video player with random customization in the outlook of subtitle, audio, and video categories, as well as movies, TV shows, songs, shorts, reels, and original series. You can get all of the pro version’s premium features for free in the modified version. There’s no need to spend any money because the ads, rooting, lagging, and fixed bugs make it even more enjoyable to pass the time amusingly.



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